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For more than a decade Almen Labs offers complete services and support for biomedical, pharmaceutical and some other image acquisition, image and data processing and analyses. 

Computer-aided Detection and Diagnostics

Almen Laboratories has developed a sophisticated software system for imaging applications that provides extensive tools to identify objects and image features of interest, analyze the information content and then store, retrieve and compare different objects and images of interest based on this information. During last 12 years and in collaboration with UCSD School of Medicine and VAH San Diego this software system was tailored to the needs of diagnostic breast ultrasound. The implemented CAD was validated on IRB (Institutional Review Board) approved cohorts of cases with available confirmation of the “truth” via needle biopsy or 12 months follow-up for non-suspicious benign lesions. This application targeted breast ultrasound, which can provide radiologists with a high degree of confidence in assessing low level of suspicion lesions (BI-RADS Category 2 and 3).

The completed product will help improve accuracy of practitioners, potentially increasing their confidence in breast ultrasound, reduce variability of interpretations, and increase ultrasound’s role in breast cancer detection and management. The software automatically produces the radiologist created BI-RADS Report. This site is developed for the purpose of educating professionals and individuals in the developed Breast Ultrasound CAD technology and make such technology widely available for computer-aided BI-RADS Assessment and Lexicon implementation based on established and FDA approved reporting system (BI-RADS).


Results suggest that more accurate application of BI-RADS assessment for diagnostic ultrasound could in future help reduce the number of biopsies by 40% with a cost savings of well over $1 billion per year in the USA, mainly by reducing the number of False Positives.

While working on diagnostic breast CADx system Breast Companion®  we participated with great degree of success in other imaging projects related to computer-aided diagnostics. The applications included but are not limited to breast MRI, mammography, US CT and some others. 

The acquired experience enables us to offer our customers valuable CAD design and development services with clinical Validation Study suggestions based on up-to-date FDA acceptable and recommended clinical study design and statistical evaluation of Safety and Effectiveness of the developed CAD. 

General Image Processing Services

Our customized image processing and analyses solutions are based on the Company's flagship product is Image Companion®, that enhances, filters, sharpens and profiles digital images or Regions of Interest within digital images, as well as detects, counts, measures and searches objects for similar to selected template(s) object(s) or even template image. In the retrieval application a storage device in the database or dedicated directory stores a plurality of images, additional information for identifying each of the plurality of images and calculated feature data for identifying each of the images.

Many businesses, research and medical foundation and government agencies have a variety of imaging needs requiring image processing. The company uses its proprietary technologies and software to deliver solutions in services along with high-end quality control and assurance. Our experienced benchmarking and processing team will assist you in project planning and handling your needs We have extensive experience in image processing and quantification processing. Our imaging solutions were used by:


  • Siemens Medical Systems, Inc., Issaquah, Washington;

  • Pfizer, Inc, Groton, Connecticut;

  • UCSD Medical Center, La Jolla, California;

  • Veterans Administration Medical Center, San Diego, California;

  • Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation, New Orleans, Louisiana;

  • TechniScan, Salt Lake City, Utah;

  • Pfeiffer Research Foundation, Trenton, New Jersey;

  • iCAD, Dayton, Ohio;

  • UCLA, Bioengineering Center, Los Angeles, California;

  • Tri-City Hospital Ultrasound Lab, Vista, California 

and some others...


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