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Targeted Audience

This course is designed for radiologists, radiology residents, radiology technologists and those interested in breast imaging and the American College of Radiology Breast Imaging and Reporting Data System







- Become familiar with BI-RADS Lexicon

- Apply the knowledge gained to interpret at least five lesions

 -Utilize learning software package (BI-RADS Tutor™) to compare at least five "lesions in question" to a Reference Library (Teaching File). This Library (database) has confirmed findings and BI-RADS descriptors which have been analyzed and added by consensus of three radiologists







Electronic Teaching File Software


BI-RADS Tutor® -

Computer-Aided BI-RADS Based

Diagnostic Lesion Assessment & Teaching File




 BI-RADS Lexicon:

  • Shape
  • Orientation
  • Margin
  • Lesion Boundaries
  • Echo Pattern
  • Posterior Acoustic Features
  • Report Organization
  • BI-RADS Lexicon
  • Impressions Language
  • Lesions Segmentation
  • CADx Operations and Features
  • Upgradable to full CADx via License Key




    What You Will Learn:

  • Study review, Image Views comparison and selection
  • Lesions analyses: background texture, feature description, location
  • Lesions analyses: (2 dimensions), shape (segmentation), orientation
  • Analysis of lesions: characterization utilizing BI-RADS Classification
  • Overall assessment & Management recommendations, Correlation with confirmed findings
  • Teaching File organization and CADx functionality



  • Learn Flow of Computer-Aided Teaching File
  • Learn clinicians' "consensus" truth
  • Learn BI-RADS Classification
  • Learn BI-RADS Reporting
  • Full CADx upgradable



Electronic Teaching File software known as BI-RADS Tutor® is Computer-Aided BI-RADS Based Lesion Assessment & Teaching File Software that follows BI-RADS Guidance and Protocol for female breast lesion assessment

The software contains carefully compiled by at least three specialty radiologists an Electronic Teaching File with confirmed findings and consensus BI-RADS Assessments

Method of Participation - Analyze a minimum of 5 lesions of the same modality

  • Approximate time to complete each 5 case exercise is 1 hour
  • Complete a brief post-test by comparing your assessment with consensus assessment of at least three specialty radiologists
  • Release Date: 1/1/08. Expiration Date: 12/31/13
  • Modality release: Breast Ultrasound


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