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BI-RADS Companion®

BI-RADS Companion® (“BRC”) is a computer–aided image viewing and report generating tool designed to assist radiologists in the analysis of ultrasound images of breast masses by making the ACR “BI-RADS Classification Form and Lexicon®” (“ABCFL”) available in electronic format. The user can view any selected image from a case and segment the lesion from the background by applying a user selected threshold or outlining the lesion manually with a cursor.

The user can annotate, tag, measure, sort and record selected views. Under user control and review, the software electronically assembles reports from inputs selected by the user from the ultrasound ABCFL during the image interpretation process. The assembled report complies with the ABCFL for ultrasound. The output may be viewed and sent to electronic storage media, or standard film or paper printers or other document manipulation programs such as Adobe or Microsoft.




  • Clinical history & Comparisons, Image View selection

  • Scope of examination (survey) and technique used

  • Analysis of lesions: background texture, feature description, location

  • Analysis of lesions: size, shape, orientation

  • Analysis of lesions: characterization utilizing BI-RADS Classification and Lexicon

  • Correlation with physical, mammographic or MRI findings

  • Overall assessment & Management recommendations

  • Teaching File organization: View, Sort, Export

  • Automated BI-RADS compliant Report generation

  • Automated Tutoring software

BI-RADS Lexicon:

  • Shape, Geometry
  • Orientation
  • Margin
  • Lesion Boundaries, Segmentation
  • Echo Pattern
  • Posterior Acoustic Features
  • Report Organization
  • Automated BI-RADS Tutor
  • Upgradable full CADx with scoring via a License Key


Easy Upgrades to Full CADx:

  • Multimodality Input
  • Lesion

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