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Breast Companion®


is a computer-aided diagnostic system (CADx) intended for improving the ACR BI-RADS® assessment of ultrasound images of lesions of the female breast as part of the diagnostic workup


BI-RADS Companion®

BI-RADS Companion® (“BRC”) is a computer–aided image viewing and report generating tool designed to assist radiologists in the analysis of ultrasound images of breast masses by making the ACR “BI-RADS Classification Form and Lexicon(“ABCFL”) available in electronic format. The user can view any selected image from a case and segment the lesion from the background by applying a user selected threshold or outlining the lesion manually with a cursor.

The user can annotate, tag, measure, sort and record selected views. Under user control and review, the software electronically assembles reports from inputs selected by the user from the ultrasound ABCFL during the image interpretation process



About our CAD Solutions

Almen Laboratories has developed a sophisticated software system for imaging applications that provides extensive tools to identify objects and image features of interest, analyze the information content and then store, retrieve and compare different objects and images of interest based on this information.  During last 10 years and in collaboration with UCSD School of Medicine this software system was tailored to the needs of diagnostic breast ultrasound. The implemented tool was validated on IRB approved cohorts of cases with available confirmation of the “truth”. This application targeted breast ultrasound, which can provide radiologists with a high degree of confidence to differentiate benign lesions from a multitude of benign or/and suspicious lesions.

BI-RADS Tutor® is BI-RADS training and tutoring Electronic Teaching File software that allows user to assess up to 100 confirmed ultrasound cases and then to compare user's findings with the consensus ones.

FDA clearance for BI-RADS Companion - a light CAD version of Breast Companion - was received in May 2008.

Breast Companion® (“BC”) is a CADx upgrade package to BI-RADS Companion™, can compute a BI-RADS related computer-aided lesion assessment (CLA) score (CAD Score) based on the clinically confirmed pathology and findings of the most similar cases in a clinically derived and validated Reference Library (database). (This Reference Library cannot be modified or manipulated by the user.) The radiologist compares the lesion of interest to the most similar lesions' images retrieved by the BC from the Reference Library, and may choose to compute and include the CLA (CAD Score) in the generated BC report. BC CLA function is not intended to be used for BI-RADS assessment cases of Categories 0, 1 or 6 (known cancer).


Breast Companion PMA was approved by FDA in in July of 2012.

The product helps to improve accuracy of practitioners through increasing their confidence in breast ultrasound, reduce variability of interpretations, and increase ultrasound’s role in breast cancer management


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