Breast Companion® (“BC”, “BC CADx”) is a computer-aided, case-based reasoning, decision-making diagnostic support system with “physician in the loop” that assists radiologists in their interpretation of breast imaging studies during BI-RADS assessment


From 2005 through 2009 Breast Companion® was validated clinically for diagnostic breast sonography


Breast Companion® CADx received FDA approval in July, 2012

Breast Companion®

Among other features Breast Companion enables electronic creation and maintenance of Personal Teaching File. The computerized BI-RADS Assessment & Classification Form and automated Report Generation facilitate streamlining of the interpretation process and contribute to reduction of inter- and intra-reader variability

CADx produces Computer-aided Lesion Assessment score (CLA), which is not designed for lesion prognostication but to assist radiologist in decision stratification as a diagnostic CADx tool. CLA contributes significantly to readers’ level of confidence in scoring of cases with lower level of suspicion (BI-RADS 2 & 3). As a result it helps improve overall reading Accuracy and Specificity of Radiologists without sacrificing Sensitivity


Goals for the developed Breast Companion CADx were to:

  • Standardize BI-RADS reporting by using computer-guided protocol and CADx scoring

  • Improve accuracy of interpretation of breast ultrasound 



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